Regional Administrator Award


Create a document no longer than two pages indicating how your site has excelled in the following categories: [NOTE: SELF NOMINATIONS ARE ACCEPTABLE]

Management Commitment
Describe how your site manager/management team has gone above and beyond others to demonstrate their commitment to safety.

Innovation in Safety and Health
Describe how your site has used innovation/creativity to accomplish reduced employee exposure to hazards.

Proactive Hazard Identification and Correction
Describe your site’s ability to identify hazards and correct them pro-actively.

Safety and Health Stewardship
Describe how your site has encouraged/promoted the benefits of safety and health to others in industry. This may or may not be VPP-related.

Other Significant Accomplishments
Describe any safety and health related process, event, etc., that you feel demonstrates your site is qualified above all others to receive this award.

After creating your document, come back to this page and use the below form to submit your document below.


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