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Below are Preconference courses that will be held on Monday May 6th.  Refer to the conference schedule for other items of interest. Preconference courses require a conference registration.  Any additional cost listed below will be added on to the attendee fee.

OSHA 7405 | Fall Hazard Awareness for Construction

COST | Free with conference registration | (40 max available)
The Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry (OSHA #7405) course covers the identification, evaluation, prevention and control of fall hazards in the construction industry. The course focuses on falls to a lower level rather than falls to the same level resulting from slips and falls. Course topics include identifying, analyzing, and preventing fall hazards utilizing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Fall Protection Standards. At the conclusion of the course, students will have an awareness level of identifying fall hazards and methods to control and abate the hazards.

  • Topics: Analyzing fall hazards, Fall protection equipment, Identifying fall hazards, Ladders, OSHA resources, Preventing fall hazards, Roofs, Scaffolds
  • Audience: Construction industry personnel, Industrial hygienists, Safety supervisors, Building inspectors, Small business owners, Managers
  • Trainers: TEEX


VPP Application Workshop
COST | Free with conference registration | (80 max available)

This educational workshop is tailored toward worksites interested in applying to the VPP through OSHA, OSHA State-Plan or DOE. Using materials from actual applications, a panel of representatives from OSHA and VPP sites overview how participants can approach and build their VPP applications.

  • Topics: learn step by step how to put together the VPP application; review samples from VPP applications submitted by VPP Star worksites; and network with regional OSHA officials and industry representatives from current VPP sites to share best practices on completing a successful VPP application
  • Audience: Those fully committed to placing their worksite on the path to VPP.
  • Trainers: TEEX


Strengthening Star Quality
COST | Free with conference registration | (80 max available)

This four-hour workshop offers experienced VPP participants a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and discover fresh approaches to meeting the requirements for VPP re-approvals. The workshop focuses on "continuous improvement" in your safety and health performance to reach new levels of excellence.

  • Topics: how to maintain employee enthusiasm and involvement in the VPP; how to make the annual evaluation work for you; how other VPP worksites are maintaining the level of commitment needed for VPP; and, what OSHA is looking for in the VPP re-certification.
  • Audience: VPP participants
  • Trainers: OSHA - Bill Klingbeil


Randy's Story with a Twise - How the Culture Impacts Your Projects and Turnarounds

COST | Free with conference registration | (180 max available)
If you've heard about Randy's Story before, this Pre-Con Workshop is that story and much more. First, Randy Royall shares his personal story of how one person can go from having so much to losing almost everything. Randy has worked in the petroleum/chemical industry 37 plus years mostly as a safety professional. He is also a SGE, professional auctioneer, professional emcee, identical twin, devoted father and husband. His greatest accomplishments are his successful children and having the best wife in the world for the past 37 years. Randy will have you laughing, crying and wanting more. His message is simple; Everything You Do IMPACTS Someone!. In addition, Randy shares a story on how a construction project that was behind schedule, over budget, injured many, and killed one, was turned around by using a simple method of just caring. So come hear Randy's Stories

  • Topics: Priority Assignment, Communication, Lessons Learned
  • Audience: Everyone
  • Presenter: Randy Royall - Motivational Speaker with 37 years of petrochemical experience


Crushing It - Creating a Culture of High Performance

COST | Free with conference registration | (80 max available)

How you ever asked yourself, “How can I lead my team effectively and create amazing results?” Get ready to be challenged and inspired in this high impact and high energy four-hour workshop. You will discover how to increase your influence and create amazing sustainable results.

  • Topics:

    Every organization desires their team to create wins and be successful. In order to create sustained results, we must possess high-performance skills in order to move from strategy to execution. Crushing It combines leadership and High-Performance skills that will Accelerate your team’s performance and increase your influence. Why: Creating Sustained results requires Leadership & High-Performance skills. If you desire to take your organization to the next level by creating sustainable results, this workshop is for you.

  • Audience: Everyone
  • Trainers: Former OSHA Official and Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Mark A. Hernandez


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