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2019 Region VI VPPPA Annual Safety Conference


Please review the entire form before starting to fill it out to ensure you have all the required information. THIS FORM REQURIES THAT YOU SUBMIT EITHER YOUR ACTUAL PRESENTATION FOR REVIEW OR YOUR TALKING POINTS.  You can submit either one of these in a variety of standard formats.  Come back later if you don't have this ready.  FEB 28th is the deadline to submit.

General Information
If you have multiple presenters, click the Add Author link at the bottom of this section
Author 1
IMPORTANT:If your workshop is approved, the email address you enter here will be used to verify your presenter registration to receive your discount. It is a requirement that each individual you list have an UNIQUE EMAIL ADDRESS otherwise registration will not be allowed to occur

IMPORTANT: If you are an exhibitor AND plan on being part of your booth, you will only be charged the exhibitor rate when your company registers as an exhibiting company. If your workshop is approved, beyond confirming that your company has registered a booth(s) during exhibitor sign-up, there will be nothing more for you to do.
Primary Contact
Author who will serve as the point of contact for correspondence about the submission.
Alternate contact information, such as personal email address or telephone number; used only if unable to contact using above email address.
Topic Areas
To help match submissions to reviewers and sessions, please select the area(s) most applicable to your submission

Insert lowercase (except for acronyms) keywords separated by commas (no space in between). Ex. lockout-tagout,LOTO,behavior based safety,BBS
Describe the workshop in 100 words or less. This description will be placed in the attendee guide.

(32MB File Size Max) Either your actual presentation or talking points are required for submission. Please choose the correct file type and select your file for upload.
Your submission will not complete without uploading a file
Please enter a password you will remember. The submission ID, which you will receive via email upon submission of this form, along with this password will allow you to make future changes to this submission. If you submit multiple presentations, you may use the same password, but your submission ID delivered to you in email will be different. Keep track of these IDs so that you can edit the appropriate submission in the future.
Please check over your entries, making sure everything is filled out. When ready, click on the Make Submission button below once.


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