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VPP Participants in the Region VI Area as Defined by OSHA;
Region VI VPPPA Association Members

As you may be aware, OSHA recently published and requested participation in a survey aimed at “Modernization of VPP”.  The agency is looking to gather inputs from members to accomplish the modernization task. 

Region VI VPPPA strongly encourages you, our members, to complete this survey found here. VPP Modernization Survey.  Our collective responses will play a crucial role in shaping the future of VPP and maintaining our program as the gold standard for safety and health program management systems.  I also urge you to review the document created by the national VPPPA office in conjunction with all regions, including region VI.  This may aid in providing some history and guidance towards the modernization effort.  It can be found at [… a brief background resource for members and stakeholders.]

The VPP Participants Association has worked with OSHA since the inception of VPP to continuously sustain and improve the program.  We feel that the Association and its members are uniquely positioned to provide expert input to shape our program, it’s execution and its modernization.  I can also tell you that OSHA and the survey contractor will attend the Region VI Safety and Health Conference May 22nd – May 25th in Corpus Christi, TX., and may ask you for a stakeholder interview.  Please do not hesitate to engage OSHA and/or the survey contractor, with your thoughts on this effort.  This will help us provide feedback and insight to our partners at OSHA.  Also, if you care share your comments with us at Region VI, please feel free to do this by completing the form below.

We look forward to seeing you all at our conference. If you are not a member of VPPPA, we encourage you to join.

Bubba Johnson
Safety and Fire Protection – Johnson Space Center
Chairperson; Region VI VPPPA Board of Directors

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