Committee Participation

Region VI is only as good as the help you provide.  Volunteers are essential to the make-up of the Association.  If you are interested in having a more “hands on” role with the Association, there is plenty of work to be done behind the scenes.  Please complete the form provided and we will notify you on the status of your requested committee appointment.   Please understand that VPPPA committee members are appointed at the sole discretion of the Region VI VPPPA Board of Directors.  This typically takes place on a quarterly basis, however monthly appointments do occur depending on the immediate need.  The committee you request to assist on may be full so please don’t be disappointed if your primary request is not fulfilled.  As a member of a committee, you are expected to attend scheduled conference calls and/or meetings as needed. Participation is the key to being a part of a VPPPA committee. If you are unable to attend a committee call/meeting you are expected to contact your VPPPA Committee Chair either by e-mail or phone.

Committees include the following:

  • Workshop Planning Committee | To provide review and selection of non-sales related workshops for the annual conferences.  To assist in attendee guidance to workshops during the conferences and any other matters related to workshops.
  • SGE and Mentoring Committee (must be a current SGE) | participation in SGE networking. Mentoring of companies pursuing VPP and those companies preparing for on-site OSHA evaluations.
  • Member Services Committee | communicate the benefits of VPPPA membership, welcome new members to Region VI, maintain communication with members to ensure sustainability
  • Outreach and Education Committee | identify opportunities to reach out to potential VPP sites with the goal of increasing the number of VPP companies in the region. Participate in outreach activities via networking, golf tournament booths, other conference booths. Provide guidance, strategy and direction on educational opportunities for our members and non-members regarding VPP.
  • Achievement and Awards Committee | develop and implement methods to identify and acknowledge the achievement of VPPPA members’ experience in and contributions to the field of safety, health and environmental management systems. Identify and acknowledge the achievements of VPPPA members relating to the pursuit of VPPPA’s mission.
  • Labor and Managment Committee | Coordinate and communicate the benefits for Labor (Union and Non-Union), Management and their represented workforce in venturing into VPP and why it’s important to maintain VPP status. When requested, the committee will identify and proactively reconcile issues that could result in Labor/Management disputes.
  • Communications Committee | develop and implement strategies to improve and promote communications between the Association Board of Directors and it’s membership. Solicit from Board Members and develop articles and advertisements highlighting the activities of Region VI for any publication, including any Nation VPPPA publications.


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