5 Pack Bundle Raffle Ticket


5 Pack Bundle Raffle Ticket

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This is a 5 pack of raffle tickets for a discounted rate that counts as 5 entries for the price of 4 entries. Proceeds for this purchase go towards the Region VI VPPPA Outreach and Education Scholarship Fund.  You will be able to adjust the quantity selected when viewing the cart. Each 5 pack bundle count that is increased in the shopping cart adds an additional 5 separate entries per single 5 pack bundle, with each additional entry indicating an additional separate chance to win 1 of 3 prizes.

  • 1st prize:  Cruise for two
  • 2nd prize:  $500.00 American Express gift card
  • 3rd prize:  $250.00 American Express gift card

Normal single ticket price $25.00

5 Pack Bundle price = $100.00 | You save $25.00 per 5 Pack Bundle

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