Raffle Terms and Conditions

Annual Outreach & Education Raffle

  1. Age: You must be at least 18 years of age to enter the raffle. **Additional conditions apply (see below).
  2. Organizers: Individuals involved in organizing or conducting the raffle, as well as members, officers, cannot participate. Members not involved with organizing the raffle are eligible to participate.
  3. Employees or Contractors: Employees and officers of the qualified organizations conducting the raffle may be restricted from participating to avoid conflicts of interest. If they are directly involved in the organization of, or the conduction of the raffle, they are prohibited from participating.
  4. Persons with Insider Information: Individuals with insider information about the raffle, such as knowledge of the winning tickets, may be restricted from participating to maintain fairness.
  5. Government Officials: Depending on local, state, or federal regulations, government officials or employees may be restricted from participating to prevent any perception of impropriety or as a requirement of their governing entity.
  6. Persons Involved in the Selection Process: Those directly involved in the selection or drawing process of the raffle are excluded from participating.
  7. Persons with Legal Restrictions: Individuals with legal restrictions, such as those with gambling addiction issues or those prohibited by law from participating in such activities, are not eligible to participate.
  8. Attendance: Winners will be selected during the proceedings of an in person event. You do not have to be present to be eligible to win. This non-attendance condition only applies to this specific Annual Outreach & Education online raffle.
  9. Contact Agreement: By entering the raffle, you agree to be contacted using the information you provided (Name, Address, Email, Phone). Any and all options, based on the information you provided, will be used to notify you that winners have been chosen and also to make a declaration if you are, or are not the winner. You also agree that by entering the raffle contest, that you have expressed an interest in the organization (Region VI VPPPA Inc.) and may be contacted about future organizational endeavors using the email address you provided. You will be provided a mechanism to remove yourself from being contacted as part of our general communications process in accordance with applicable opt-out law.
  10. Winner Declines: If a contacted winner makes a documented declaration of non-accpetance of the award, or based on these terms and conditions the winner is disqualified from receiving an award, an alternate winner will be chosen for that specific award. There will be no concept of moving an existing awarded participant up a prize position, or down a prize position due to an awardee declining or being disqualified. A new drawing for that specific award will occur within 30 days of the declaration of non acceptance or the disqualification of the participant based on these terms and conditions. If a winning participant declines an award, that participant has no claim against Region VI VPPPA Inc.
  11. No Refunds: There are no refundable conditions associated for this raffle unless the one of the following occurs: (1) Region VI VPPPA Inc. does not meet their legal obligations to deliver all promised awards or equivalent value of the awards in which case Region VI VPPPA Inc. agrees to refund all entries as required by the State of Texas. (2) If a participant is disqualified, that participant will receive a refund. A disqualified participant based on these contest conditions has no claim against Region VI VPPPA Inc.
  12. Alternate Drawing Date: As the drawing for winners is intended to take place during an in person event, If the event is cancelled due to contractually applicable reasons enacted by the event venue, the municipality where the event takes place, or Region VI VPPPA Inc., an announcment via email to all who entered the event as well as posting a notice of change on this website, will indicate that the new drawing date will be within 30 days of the original drawing date. Notifications indicating your winning status will take place based on the Contact Agreement above.
  13. Accpetance of Terms & Conditions: Entering the raffle contest is in of itself acceptence of the terms and conditions of the contest. Acceptance of a successful payment acknowledges your agreement to these terms and conditions. If there is no successful payment, there is no entry.

Raffle Dates:

Entries will be accepted Friday February 2nd 2024 12AM CDST through Wednesday May 1st 2024 11:59PM CDST
Winners will be announced Thursday May 2nd 2024 during the Region VI VPPPA Inc Annual Safety Conference


1st prize:  Cruise for two
2nd prize:  $500.00 American Express gift card
3rd prize:  $250.00 American Express gift card

**The age requirement for a guest to sail by themselves is 21 and over for sailings leaving the US and for cruises that depart a port in Europe, Asia, UAE (United Arab Emirates), South America, New Zealand or Australia, Israel, the minimum age requirement to sail is eighteen (18). So while a 20 year old can use the certificate, they would need to sail with someone over 21 or choose a non US departure sailing port.

Keep reading below for more info OR “I understand the terms so just….”


Cruise Details: 6-8 night Royal Caribbean Cruise for Two (based on double occupancy)
Balcony stateroom. Winner’s choice of location to include: Europe, China and Hong Kong, Caribbean, Bermuda, Canada, Alaska, Australia, Los Angeles, CA

Cruise value:  $3,400.00
Includes:  cruise fare, taxes and fees, and standard recommended gratuities

Winner is responsible for airfare and any applicable IRS gift tax

Additional details: Winner receives two certificates which are nonrefundable and not replaceable if lost, stolen or damaged. Certificate rates are for two people based on double occupancy.  The winner receives two certificates (one per person) and both must be applied to the same cruise reservation.  There will be additional cost for 3rd and 4th guests at the prevailing rate for the sailing. All certificates are applicable on ships that have been in service 365 days or more. Applicable stateroom categories per class of ship are capacity controlled and subject to availability.  Applicable categories and availability must be confirmed with the:

Royal Incentive Rewards Sales Desk

Blackout dates (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s week) apply to all certificates.

Certificates can be upgraded or applied to a different sailing at time of redemption (recipient pays difference between certificate value and lowest fare publicly available from the cruise line at the time of redemption).  No money is refunded if lower cost sailing is booked. Certificates are nonrefundable and not replaceable if lost, stolen or damaged.

The two certificates issued per purchase must be submitted together at time of redemption and at least seven (7) business days prior to the sail date. Certificates can only be redeemed by calling the:

Royal Incentive Rewards Sales Desk

These Rates are valid through December 31, 2024 and subject to change without notice. Certificates have no expiration date.  Certificates redeemed more than two years after the issue date will provide the holder of the certificate with a dollar credit amount against the cost of their cruise.  The dollar credit amount will be based on the value for that type of certificate as shown in the Royal Caribbean price table in effect at the time the certificate was purchased.


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