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Committee Participation

Region VI is only as good as the help you provide.  Volunteers are essential to the make-up of the Association.  If you are interested in having a more "hands on" role with the Association, there is plenty of work to be done behind the scenes.  Please complete the form provided and we will notify you on the status of your requested committee appointment.   Please understand that VPPPA committee members are appointed at the sole discretion of the Region VI VPPPA Board of Directors.  This typically takes place on a quarterly basis, however monthly appointments do occur depending on the immediate need.  The committee you request to assist on may be full so please don't be disappointed if your primary request is not fulfilled.  As a member of a committee, you are expected to attend scheduled conference calls and/or meetings as needed. Participation is the key to being a part of a VPPPA committee. If you are unable to attend a committee call/meeting you are expected to contact your VPPPA Committee Chair either by e-mail or phone.


Committees Include the following: 

    • Conference Planning/Exhibits - Exhibitor Events
    • Conference Planning Workshops
    • Legislative/Regulatory
    • Communications/Marketing
    • Construction - Mobile Workforce
    • Outreach & Education
    • VPP Program Assistance - SGE Mentoring & Coordination



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