Conference Support

Review the below information before making a request. We might have the answer.

When and where is the conference?

The general conference is April 30th-May 2nd 2024 in Oklahoma City, OK. There will also be preconference options to select during registration that start before the regular conference dates.

Oklahoma City Convention Center
100 Mick Cornett Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73109, United States

100 West Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73109
Phone: (405) 438-6500 – ask for the VPP rate.

We have secured special pricing for ateendees. We encourage you to take advantage of these locations as they are very near the convention center. Additionally, certain events, and courses will be held in the hotels. Use the links below to secure your discounted room rate.
Regular room rate: Online Reservation

When will registration open?

How do I make a substitution?

Refunds are not available but substitutions are very much allowed.  Substitutions can be made onsite at the conference or by submitting the required information by opening a new help request and providing the required information.  What we need is the following:

  1. Original Attendee Name
  2. Original Attendee Confirmation Number
  3. New Attendee Name
  4. New Attendee Job Title
  5. New Attendee Phone Number
  6. New Attendee eMail Address
  7. New Attendee Management/Non Management Status
  8. New Attendee Mobile Number **

We will need the above information for each person you intend to substitute for. If you have several substitutions, you can attach a file with all of the above information during your help request process. **Mobile numbers are used to make the downloading the conference application to your mobile device seamless. Without this, the attendee will need access to the email address they were registered under to insert a unique code that will allow them to access the conference application. We do not give out this information to anyone and is only us

What forms of payment are accepted?

Online and onsite registration will accept Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, and Discover. We also accept check payment. During online registration, you will have the opportunity to indicate if you are choosing to pay by check. You can use the resulting confirmation number, or group confirmation number if there are multiple people associated with a single registration event, as an invoice or PO number.

If paying by credit card, be aware of any restrictions that may be associated with your card. It may be a transaction limit, a card balance limit, or your card may be improperly coded to be used with our organization. Our organizational description is listed as : EDUCATIONAL SERVICES

You may need to contact your company purchase card coordinator for assistance if your card is declined.

Do you accept purchase orders?

We generally do not invoice for conference registrations in advance of a completed registration process. At the end of your registration, you can choose to pay by check instead of by credit card and use the resulting remit instructions to send your payment. However, if you are required to go through a purchase order process we recommend the following:

  1. Create a registration for your attendee.
  2. At the end of the registration process, choose Pay by Check. This will generate a confirmation and invoice information including a number that can be referenced on your PO request process.
  3. When issuing payment, please send the corresponding confirmation number along with the payment so that it can be properly applied to your registration. If registering a group, you may use the group registration confirmation number generated also included.

I don’t know who is coming yet (or we don’t have all of their information)

No problem.  If you are not attending the conference yourself, during the registration process choose “I am registering for this person”.  This will make you an administrative contact for the entire registration and make it to where you will receive copies of the registration confirmations.  At that point, you can use dummy email addresses for everyone else as long as the dummy email address is different for each person.  It may not make sense, but the registration system creates a unique registration by way of email address.  If the email address has already been applied to a registration, it will 

If you are going yourself, register yourself as the very first registrant and make sure your email address is valid.  This will make you the primary contact for the group.  You can then provide dummy email addresses for every subsequent registrant making sure each spot has a unique dummy email address.

You can do this for names as well.  Example:

FirstName1 LastName1
FirstName2 LastName 2 

When you finally know who is coming, you can make a substitution request and we can swap in good information.  You can do this online, or wait till you show up to the conference and we can do it onsite.

Again, if using the above procedure, make sure that you as the administrative contact, or you as the first registered attendee in your group, have a valid email address so that you can receive the confirmation after registration is completed.

I need to add or edit a booth attendant

No problem. If you are needing an additional attendant beyond what is already provided with your booth, simply create a new support request, select the add a booth attendant option and tell us how many extra you need. Your invoice will be updated and reissued at 200.00 USD per additional attendant.

If you need to edit existing attendants, you can refer to the post registration instructions on how to insert your attendants in your booth. That email normally comes within 1-2 business days after your registration. If you are having issues with that process, just give us those detail changes and we will do that for you. Make sure you provide us with:

Company (if different)
eMail (email must be unique and not shared with anyone else)
Work Phone (if different)
Mobile Phone (this is only used to make loading the conference application easier. It is not used for anything else)

Lead Retrieval information

During registration, you will be able to add lead retrieval to your purchase as an optional item. Instead of renting a single device for a huge amount of money, you will be able to use lead retrieval on up to 3 of your mobile devices per licensed pack.

100.00 for installation on up to 3 devices*
200.00 for installation on up to 6 devices*

Lead Retrieval is being offered as a downloadable application that you can use on your own iOS/Android mobile phone or tablet or both at the same time. Lead Retrieval will be available for download and your credential provided 3 weeks prior to the event.

*Note. Access to lead retrieval is licensed limited. Accessing the application with the credentials provided to you counts as one license used. You can use that single credential on multiple devices up to the limit of your purchase option. IMPORTANT: Removing the application from a device that was used to authenticate to lead retrieval services does not free up a device access license to be used elsewhere. It is important that you only install the application on the devices you intend to use at the conference. Directions on how to obtain your lead retrieval application will be delivered to the booth coordinator to distribute in May. If you have already purchased your booth space but you did not add the lead retrieval option, you can open a support request and ask that lead retrieval be added.

Contact Exhibitor Coordinator

Kevin Reed is the exhibitor coordinator and can answer questions specific to configurations, amenities, and any other provisions. He can be reached at 281-245-7379 or email at

When is exhibitor move-in?

Details and times can be found in the SES Order Form and Exhibitor Manual once they are published. SES has not given us this information yet. As soon as it is published, it will be made available to you here.

I need to order additional items or customize my booth space outside of what is provided. How do I do that?

Superior Expo Services is the company contracted to supply you with additional or customized items. Orders and payments for these items go through SES and not Region VI VPPPA. SES has not delivered this information to us yet but we will proved it as soon as it is available. SES may contact you using the information you provided during registration.


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